S e a g e r A r t w o r k s

Welcome to the new SeagerArtworks website. Content is steadily being transfered from its old location and added to as new work is undertaken.

I studied graphics at Colchester College in the early 70s and have since spent many years in the fields of model making, sculpture and design. My freelance work has involved projects such as the Trafalgar Chess Set for Danbury Mint, the Studebaker President and Labatts Streamliner masters for Brooklin Models/DMP Studios and the Mack Aerial Ladder (plus several other fire related pre-production) models for the likes of Corgi and Matchbox.

Along the way there were technical and soft sculpture projects for Franklin Mint, Vivid Imaginations, Mattel, Lledo, Leonardo, Lenox, Imprint Models and many others. Also a bundle of design and general artwork including my own die cast box, comic book and poster/CD sleeve art production.

Hope you enjoy at least some of it,

Carl Seager